Hoover BH50140 / BH5110 Air Cordless Review

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The Hoover BH50140 / BH5110 Air Cordless Upright Vacuum  cleans floors and carpets easily giving the users freedom to move around with the new powered battery design. The Hoover incorporates some of the latest technologies allowing whole home cleaning. It is convenient and effective for home cleaning due to its cordless feature and battery design. The BH50140 comes with all the features you can expect in a Hoover making it a great value for money.

Hoover BH50140 / BH5110 Air Cordless Upright Vacuum

Hoover BH50140 / BH5110 Air Cordless Upright Vacuum Key Features

Lithium Battery Technology

The Lithium battery technology brings you the convenience that most hoovers lack. The hoover comes with tow lithium batteries capable of running for up to 50 minutes continuously cleaning carpets and floors. This is an excellent feature with a very major benefit. The battery design allows users to walk freely around the house with been limited by the cord like most corded hoovers. The battery is long lasting and comes backed by a five-year warranty.

Exclusive WindTunnel technology

The WindTunnel technology is exclusive to the BH50140 / BH5110. It works by using three channels of suction to remove dirt that is embedded deep in the carpets and floors. This is another excellent and unique feature that will leaves carpets sparkling clean. The fact that the Hoover gets the dirt that is embedded deep down the carpet gives the Hoover Air Cordless Series Bagless Upright Vacuum an edge over the rest. The lightweight design of this Hoover combined with the steerable technology makes it quite easy to clean your house

Main Product Features and Specifications

  • 50 Minutes of battery power
  • Lithium Battery Technology for cordless capability
  • Exclusive Three Tunnel technology that utilizes the three channel section
  • Removable cleaning wands that is ideal for stairs
  • Lightweight design weighing just below 10lbs
  • Steerable technology for easy movement
  • Reusable Easy Rinse Filter
  • LED lights for easier cleaning in the dark
  • 2-in-1 dusting and crevice tool for cleaning crevices.
  • 5-year warranty

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Customer Reviews

The Hoover Air Cordless Series Bagless Upright Vacuum has been extensively reviewed on Amazon with various customers giving their views and experience with the product. The reviews are pretty positive which goes well with what we read about the product. There are over one thousand one hundred reviews on Amazon alone about the Hoover Air Cordless Series Bagless Upright Vacuum with over half of those rating it five stars. This gives the Hoover BH50140 / BH5110 an average of four and a half stars which is pretty good. Most of the customers loved the fact the product was lightweight and was cordless. Most claimed they will never go back to corded vacuums.

There are a few negative comments about the products consumers need to be aware of but not of a big concern to worry them. Some of the complaints were about the battery with customers claiming they worked well for two months and could not keep charge afterward. I think this must have been faulty issues with the battery as the whole unit comes with a five years warranty that would easily replace the batteries. There were other claims of the rear wheels coming off after few days of use, but I think this is well covered by the warranty.

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Everything about the Hoover BH50140 / BH5110 Air Cordless Upright Vacuum is just correct with features nicely set out. The product is lightweight, cordless and comes with a steerable technology making it quite easy to use. The Hoover BH50140 / BH5110 Air Cordless Upright Vacuum is a great option for homes with many rooms where a lot movement is involved when cleaning.

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